If your company's productivity has seen better days, or if it's doing well, but could be doing better, it may not be the bottom line you should be looking at. Maybe the improvements you're looking for have nothing to do with bumping the advertising budget or updating your software, maybe it's about the team. That's not so easy to address by moving some numbers around, but at the newly renovated StarDome, it's precisely what we know how to improve. Here's how our corporate events can help to improve the performance of just about any team out there:

How StarDome Corporate Events Engage Your Team

When your team finds out that they've been signed up for a corporate event, we're going to warn you; there's gonna be some eye-rolling. Let's face it: some of these events are a little corny. That's why, at StarDome, it's not just guys with microphone headsets issuing a list of platitudes before having your team run through a tire course. StarDome's improv team are some of the funniest people in the business, and we have a unique approach to team building exercises that you won't get from just any corporate event group.

Make A Movie

The Make A Movie program is, simply put, pretty sweet. Obstacle courses are all well and good, but with the Make A Movie program, teams are challenged to actually produce a film together. Delineating tasks such as directing and prop management, deciding who's going to star in the flick and at the end of the project, everyone gets to watch the movie, awards are handed out and everyone gets to take a copy home with them. If that doesn't pack a lot more entertainment than carrying an egg under your chin at a company picnic relay race or whatever, then we don't know what is.

Laugh While Learning

The basic professional development philosophy practiced at StarDome is simple: Laugh While Learning. You've seen enough powerpoint presentations on leadership and teamwork for one lifetime, right? Honestly, if your team isn't getting it by now, another slideshow is not going to be what finally shows them the light. Through improv and comedy-based corporate services, our aim is to make team building fun and to provide a unique experience. There's nothing wrong with company hiking trips, picnics and obstacle courses, but honestly, you can get that from anywhere. At StarDome, you get something a little different.

Innovation is key to what we do at StarDome. We figure that the best way to learn is by laughing and having fun, but you can't have fun while you're bored. Literally. They're actually the opposite of one another. At the StarDome, your team should be having so much fun, they'll forget they're at work in the first place.



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