John Witherspoon

John Witherspoon has found his niche and become a regular scene-stealer. Witherspoon has performed alongside some of the most talented directors, actors and producers, having starred in such major features as “Uncle Nicky,” “Friday & Next Friday,” “The Ladies’ Man” and “Boomerang,” and made over a dozen appearances on “The David Letterman Show.”

Witherspoon went from stand-up comedy to becoming one of the most sought after comedians in film, television and personal appearances. He is an actor from whom the industry as well as the public have grown to expect nothing short of clever, show-stopping comedy. The Orange County Register said, “Witherspoon is one of those performers who doesn’t need a funny line to be funny. Just standing there in a truculent posture with a suspicious look, he is funny and enlivens every scene he’s in.” What is so captivating about Witherspoon is his ability to make the audience care about his characters and hang on to his every word. One of his most memorable roles was in “Boomerang,” where Witherspoon cunningly stole the entire Thanksgiving scene and is still being quoted for his famous catch phrases, “You gotta coordinate!” and “Bang!Bang!Bang!Bang!” Witherspoon is known to television audiences as “Pops” from The WB’s “Wayans Brothers.” He enjoyed five successful years as the hilarious, witty father on the show, which is now in syndication. Some of Witherspoon’s other unforgettable roles include playing the cynical nemesis to Eddie Murphy in “Vampire in Brooklyn” and the hysterically amusing father in “Friday and Next Friday” with Ice Cube and Don "DC" Curry. He has created unforgettable characters out of his own wild imagination, including his role in “Boomerang.”

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