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We are all WINNERS!

Julian Kross discussing the “every kids a winner” attitude in today’s schools and why hates it

Jimmy Buffet Owes Me Money

Paul Hooper REALLY dislikes Jimmy Buffet and he isn’t afraid to tell you so.

Tasteless Humor

Tasteless Humor
Thank God someone is watching out for me and my well being.  Some legislators in New York want to monitor salt levels and possibly force food manufacturers to reduce sodium in their products.  It’s about time!!  New York is full of evil, nefarious threats.  Things like gangs, ponzi schemers, and pretzels.  Any of these [...]

Keith Alberstadt Topical Insights for June 2009 #3

Topical insights for June #3

Political analysts say that the election in Iran is more Western than we think.  For example, voters are passionate, people are debating, and Dennis Kucinich finished dead last.

Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ayatullah Ali Khamenei, said there was no fraud in his nation’s election.  But he did accidentally refer to Iran as [...]

Keith Alberstadt Topical insights for June #2

Below are some of my topical jokes for the 1st week of June. I put these up on my website ( every week or so and have them going back to 2006.
If you like them, please swing by and check out some more on the Columns Page on my site as well some more stuff [...]

Good Foulers Video

Vinnie Coppola and Dan Mengini in FarkTv’s GoodFoulers


Vinnie Coppola vents about people not standing during the National Anthem at a Little League Baseball game.

Keith Alberstadt June Jokes 1

Comedian Keith Alberstadt delivers some of his “Topical Insights” for the first week of June 2009

  • Golden Rule Bar-B-Que in Pelham, Alabama
  • Diamond Limo
  • Ragtime Cafe
  • See Clips from the Comedy Club Stardome on Roof Top Comedy