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One Lie

I’m growing tired of parents who insist on encouraging children who obviously suck, and then make excuses when they fail. You get one lie. Lie to me or the kid. If you tell your kid he can be a doctor and then explain to me the reason he sweeps the floor in [...]

Bombing – and I don’t mean Afghanastan

Joe Hobby talks about a bombing on stage- a topic he knows all too well

A Few Random Thoughts on Thanksgiving

Ok, how many of us pushed back from the table, stuffed from all the food you ate, and promised to go on a diet  tomorrow?

You know I finally remembered what I was truly thankful for when I saw your relatives backing out of the driveway.

The worst thing about Thanksgiving meal is having to [...]

Survey Says!

Keith Alberstadt takes on the ridiculousness of Facebook surveys.

The First Joke

Joe Hobby recalls how he became a writer for Jay Leno.

Man … Work is like …..WORK !!!

Comedian Spanky Brown talks about his new morning show on ESPN radio in Knoxville, TN

Why do they settle?

Julian Kross’ swift kick to the junk of his comedy hates.

The First Time

Joe Hobby describes in detail the horror and excitement of the first time he ever did stand up comedy.

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