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I’m trying not to settle

The more I look back on my life the more I realize things have gotten progressively better when I simply decided not to settle. The less I settle, the more I notice those who do. I generally try to stay out of it until they ask my opinion. At that point I’m [...]

Survey Says!

Keith Alberstadt takes on the ridiculousness of Facebook surveys.

Handicapable until I need you

Julian Kross wrestles with his feelings towards the disabled

Why do they settle?

Julian Kross’ swift kick to the junk of his comedy hates.

Farting in Public

Matt Davis breaks down how to get the most laughs from strangers when farting in public.

A Plea to Bachelorette Parties

A Comic’s Guide to Bachelorette Parties from a concerned comedian (Keith Alberstadt)

We are all WINNERS!

Julian Kross discussing the “every kids a winner” attitude in today’s schools and why hates it

Jimmy Buffet Owes Me Money

Paul Hooper REALLY dislikes Jimmy Buffet and he isn’t afraid to tell you so.

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