I’m trying not to settle


14 January 2010 | written by Julian Kross | Rants and Opinion | Tags: , , ,

The more I look back on my life the more I realize things have gotten progressively better when I simply decided not to settle. The less I settle, the more I notice those who do. I generally try to stay out of it until they ask my opinion. At that point I’m either the guy with the answers or that prick who told them what they didn’t want to hear. It’s becoming baffling to me.

Why do you spend ever week going back and forth to a job you hate? Quit, do something you want to do. You’re probably not going to starve to death and if you do then you weren’t really contributing to society anyway.

You’re sick stupid, go to the doctor. Thera-flu doesn’t cure the flu, it treats the symptoms. There’s a person in an office that can cure you if you’ll simply shut up and do what they say. And when you get there, don’t ask them what the commercial told you to ask. The writer responsible for that script is not someone you’d trust with a finger in your ass so why are you letting them dictate what treatment you think you want?

Question everyone. In elementary school I learned Columbus was a hero. In Jr. High I learned who paid him to be a hero. In my 20’s I learned he was a mass murderer and a thief. Don’t believe “the facts” until YOU have researched the facts. People are stupid and if you’re not careful they’ll make you that way too.
Learn to bitch. One of the simplest ideas I use to live my life came from Goodfellas. “Fuck you, pay me.” AT&T charged you too much and won’t give you a refund? Fuck you, pay me. The bank wants to add fees to your account without telling you? Fuck you, pay me. Our house burned a few years ago and the insurance adjuster tried screw us out of a lot of our money by setting unrealistic deadlines on our paperwork. I never complained I just organized 10 of our closest friends to help and we cut his deadline in half. We got every penny. Fuck you, pay me.

But who am I to give you advice? My HDTV only gets about 20 channels that don’t look like shit. I’ve been punched and shot and didn’t swing or shoot back. I love my iPhone but it’s still connecting to AT&T. Maybe you should be listening to someone with better standards.

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