Man … Work is like …..WORK !!!

30 August 2009 | written by Spanky Brown | Comedy News, Sports | Tags: , , ,

I just started a new job … kinda . I’m still making people laugh, I hope … on my new morning radio show “Out of Bounds w/ Spanky Brown”  weekday mornings 8-11 am ESPN 1180AM (Knoxville, TN) or streaming live video for my Birmingham people here:

(shameless plug I know but , it’s my blog and I’ll plug if I want to , plug if I want to … plug if I want to … you would plug too if it happened toooooo … never mind )

Now, I’m making people laugh early morning and that’s a task… I’m gonna be OK but it’s of like that ” be careful what you ask for type of thing… “, you know ? This is what I wanted… stay home a lot more… sleep in my own bed… be closer to # 19 (hey Sweets… and perform in front of a bigger , broader audience… I’m still workin’ on the audience thing… but getting up at 5, pre show production at 7, show from 8-11, post show meeting 11:10, then going out to find sponsors till 4, work out at 4:30 3 days a week my show at 6 … then now, blogging… man, chasing a dream can kill ya! …but it won’t .

See I’m having fun again… and I got good people around me who believe in me and what we collectively are trying to do, there has never been a sports / comedy/ entertainment show that I know of hosted by a stand up comedian. Sports should be easy, the jokes should write themselves, unless there’s nothing to talk about then I can rely on jokes from everywhere else. Fun… but work.

Getting acclimated to a schedule is getting a little bit better, going to bed earlier is easier, and being funny is is fun again… cause to me now it’s simple again… til we start makin’ money, and then… the ignorance starts .

Sometimes I wish I could be dumb and stupid (some of y’all are right now saying…. ” can I borrow your genie ? cause he’s good … forget y’all) Life is so much simpler when you are stupid… like flies.

I hate flies, one they’re disgusting, ugly, annoying little creatures… and two cause they’re stupid. Ever notice how a fly can come into your house… fly around enjoy the A/C… then got to the nearest window and stay there… peering out like ” damn… I really miss my friends, my family, the trash, messin’ up peoples cookouts… I wish I could go back home… I guess I gotta stay in this humans’ house and just stare at it … like a jackass… “… NO YOU REALLY DON’T YOU IGNORANT , STUPID , UGLY , NASTY ……….. FLY !!! YOU COULD HAVE STAYED YOUR MONKEY A** OUTSIDE IN THE FIRST PLACE !!!!”

So listen to my new show… you can watch live streaming video on the web at , I think it’s funny and different… I’ll be there 90% of the time as I still have some road work to do. I think it’s gonna be funny enough that even if you’re not a sports fan you’d like it anyway… I’m thinkin’… awwwww damn… there’s a fly… gotta kill him… cause he will not leave of his own free will… only by execution… I’m Jus’ Sayin’…

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