All Posts from August, 2009

Man … Work is like …..WORK !!!

Comedian Spanky Brown talks about his new morning show on ESPN radio in Knoxville, TN

Why do they settle?

Julian Kross’ swift kick to the junk of his comedy hates.

The First Time

Joe Hobby describes in detail the horror and excitement of the first time he ever did stand up comedy.

Get to know Marc Ryan – Appearing 9/29-10/4

Comedian Marc Ryan blogs a hello in advance of his appearances September 29th through October 4th at The Stardome

Farting in Public

Matt Davis breaks down how to get the most laughs from strangers when farting in public.

The Above Ground Pool Party

Comedian Mike Speenberg’s infamous “Above Ground Pool Party” bit! [VIDEO]

  • Golden Rule Bar-B-Que in Pelham, Alabama
  • Diamond Limo
  • Ragtime Cafe
  • See Clips from the Comedy Club Stardome on Roof Top Comedy