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Okay, here goes…

My nephew’s baseball team played their championship game Tuesday and, as always, before the first pitch was thrown, the players and spectators were asked to remove their hats and rise for our national anthem.

Now…Halfway through the song, I happened to notice a group of Cubans that remained seated for the duration of the song – all the while munching their little bags of plantain chips and talking amongst themselves as if they were at a pig roast. That’s right, they did not stand nor did they remove their ball caps. By the way, how did I know they were Cuban and NOT Mexican or Puerto Rican or Dominican or Columbian or some other Spanish-speaking Latino race, you might ask? How did I know? I was in South Florida…

Nationality aside, am I wrong for letting this disturb me? Does anyone see a justification for them to show ZERO respect for the country THEY chose as a BETTER alternative to the third-world dung heap where they were born?

STAND UP! You and your amigos don’t have to sing, Jose! We’ll let that slide. We know you find us arrogant and spoiled. Go ahead, hate us. You don’t have to like or respect our current leaders or authority figures either… You can even continue to use our flag to wipe the nose of the America-hating criminal brood you are halfheartedly raising in your government housing WHILE US LOCAL FOLK sing our little songy song; That’s all fine! All of it. But the LEAST you can do is ACT like you have some respect for your new home! And if you can’t muster respect, how about gratitude? And if that’s too hard how about common courtesy or LOYALTY. Or should we expect you to run back home if a conflict arises between our nation and your…whatever its called. Island Township?

If the tables were turned I know I would. Yes, I would. If I lived in Hell…oops, I mean Cuba, and I was at a Cock Fight during the singing of La Cuccaracha (or whatever its called) then YES! Of course I would show my respect for that turd pile by doing the Maccarena or removing my sombrero or doing whatever is protocol. For TWO reasons 1) its the right thing to do and 2) I don’t want to get stabbed.

Of course, maybe I just have an old fashioned “America rules” sentimentality for The U.S. of A…or maybe I don’t fully understand what it must be like to live in a country that sucks so bad you flee to an entirely different one just to wash dishes…or it could be that I just REALLY hate Latinos who leave their country for a better way over here, get here, then disrespect the “melting pot” philosophy that this country was built on by refusing to melt! I’ve heard bleeding heart politicians whine about the plight of illegal immigrants saying “They leave home. get here and they don’t have it easy at all!” Well, imagine how bad it sucked where they came from! As bad as it is, it obviously sucks less here because I don’t see any migrations headed that way.

Oh yes! I’ve actually been called an immigrant. I know I know, I’ve heard that lame argument, too: supposedly, we were ALL immigrants. Barring the race of people who currently own Hotel/Casinos outside of Las Vegas, Atlantic City, and Reno, of course. yada yada yada blah blah blah… Truth is, I’m not an immigrant. I was born and raised in this country just like you. So was my mother and my father. Okay, Yes, my father’s father came over on a boat in the early 1900’s but he stood on line with all the other immigrants at Ellis Island and through due process received his citizenship. And if that don’t make him an American then try this on for size: Once he was an American citizen, he VOLUNTEERED for the army and fought AGAINST the Italians in WWII.

What happened to that kind of loyalty in and to this country? I see it and hear about it less and less as the years go by. AND I AM SO SICK AND TIRED of seeing people driving around sporting a foreign flag on and in their car and proclaiming shit like, “Puerto Rico (or insert undesirable nationality here) number 1, main! Puerto Rico number 1″ (Puerto Rico numero uno)

Let me ask you something, Felipe… Number one at what??? NUMBER ONE AT WHAT??? Fruit picking? Lawn maintenance? Dry and fold? Number one at WHAT?

Now shut up and act like your one of us and STAND up during our national anthem since you’re here…oh, and learn the f**king language.

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